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Protegrity Extends Data Protection

STAMFORD, Conn. -- Protegrity Corporation, the leading provider of Data Security Management solutions to the enterprise, today announced new data protection functionality in its award-winning Defiance Security Suite. Protegrity's Data Protection System, part of the Defiance Security Suite, has been extended to include data hashing and VSAM file encryption on z/OS.

Hashing, an irreversible form of cryptography, broadens the data protection options available to customers. It ensures data security by replacing sensitive information with a hashed value. Hashed values do not fall within the scope of PCI regulations and are particularly suitable when the storage and retrieval of sensitive data is unnecessary. In situations where sensitive data must be retrieved, encryption functionality with strong key management remains the appropriate choice.

With the introduction of VSAM file encryption for z/OS, customers can comprehensively protect sensitive data on the mainframe. VSAM file encryption widens Protegrity's industry leading support of databases and operating systems found across the enterprise.

"The real-world data protection challenges shared with us by our customers and prospects drive functional additions to Protegrity solutions," said Raul Ortega, Vice President Product Management Protegrity. "Extending Defiance Data Protection System to include hashing and VSAM support was no exception. Organizations need to protect sensitive data wherever it resides, from point of acquisition to deletion."

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