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ProStor Certfies SecurMedia

BOULDER, Colo. -- ProStor Systems, a leading developer of removable disk storage solutions, today announced that its RDX systems have been certified to run with EncryptXs SecurMedia automatic encryption software. The RDX and EncryptX SecurMedia automatic encryption solution offers users the full benefits of removability while providing complete protection of data contents in case the media is lost or stolen. By implementing a backup strategy founded on RDX removable disk technology and EncryptX software, small businesses (SMBs) can ensure that they are not risking exposure of intellectual property that can violate privacy regulations or jeopardize reputations.

SecurMedia encryption software allows for automatic creation of encrypted media using industry-standard encryption algorithms and password-based encryption. The EncryptX software provides a centralized audit tracking and administrative management solution that allows SMBs to have full visibility into what has been encrypted and who has access to it. The software also provides SMBs with the ability to dynamically revoke access to the protected contents of the RDX cartridge if it is misplaced or stolen.

EncryptX’s software is used by millions of consumers and businesses worldwide, including IBM, Vanguard Mutual Funds, Boeing, Computer Sciences Corporation, and General Dynamics.

“Often times the SMB is not offered the same equality as enterprise users in terms of technology and software to meet backup, archival and governance requirements,” said David Duncan, president of EncryptX. “We are excited to work with ProStor Systems to provide enterprise-class data security and governance features on the RDX platform to SMB customers so they can protect their important data,” he said.

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