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Promisec Unveils InnerSpace

NEW YORK -- Promisec Inc., a technology leader in internal network security management, today announced comprehensive endpoint compliance and governance for the distributed enterprise - Promisec InnerSpaceT. With InnerSpace, organizations now benefit from greater ease-of-use, management and effectiveness of their network security infrastructure from a centralized location to gain complete visibility and control and enforce corporate and regulatory compliance.

"Getting network security right, especially in a distributed enterprise environment is no simple task as it has the potential to impact hundreds of existing hardware and software operations that require centralized management to address complications, said Jon Oltsik, security analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group "Promisec seeks to address this by presenting single-pane management of network security throughout the enterprise, thereby hardening the endpoint which is coincidentally the favored target of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and unauthorized processes that target corporate information and computers. For organizations with the intimidating challenge of securing large networks, companies like Promisec promise to simplify the process."

Promisec InnerSpace delivers unsurpassed protection and scalability, and is the only solution based on Clientless Endpoint Security Management (CESM) technology with continuous endpoint monitoring, automatically enforcing security policies, and offering problem remediation without the need for clients installed on the systems being inspected. Promisec technology identifies threats and deviations from corporate policy and resolves them before they become serious security issues.

Key features of Promisec InnerSpace:

  • Global Command and Control - Centralized monitoring and management
    of internal network security operations enterprise-wide
  • Complete Visibility Enterprise-Wide - Supports comprehensive
    security controls across endpoints and servers in a globally distributed network
  • Enterprise Interoperable - Designed to inspect multiple policies on
    multiple networks simultaneously
  • Endpoint Management Platform - Provides layered security management
    all of installed 3rd party security solutions to ensure proper operation
  • Baseline for User Group Authorizations - Builds a baseline of what
    each group of endpoints is allowed to do; Identifies anomalies to the baseline evident in the endpoint's activity. Baselines are made up of Processes, Services, Start-up Commands, Toolbars, Devices, and Applications.
  • User Defined Customization - Enables customized search criteria for
    inspections to pinpoint individual objects; provides change control to exactly identify unauthorized changes to registry data.
  • High Availability - Sentries can be installed in pairs or clustered
    to ensure their availability at branch sites reporting to the Management Server.
  • Management Log - Logs configuration changes made to inspection
    configurations; carries out remediation. Provides full audit of configurations and changes.

Other key features include:

  • Client-Server Infrastructure -- Log in any time to see what the
    system has discovered.
  • Two Unique User Interfaces -- One for configuration, and one for
    monitoring and remediation, allowing separation of users according to their roles.
  • Distributed Deployment Architecture -- Sentries can be deployed to
    remote locations or in the same location to get more coverage, divide the load or run more policies concurrently.
  • Support for Syslog Alerting Included
  • Integrated SQL Database for Reporting -- Can easily be used to
    report using Crystal reportsT and other reporting tools.
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