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Procedo Migrates Archives

MAHTOMEDI, Minn. -- Today, Procedo, a pioneer in data archive migration, unveiled Procedos Archive Migration Manager (PAMM) version 3.0, the industry’s first 'any-to-any' data archive migration tool that supports automated data movement between all of the industry’s most popular storage, archive and cloud computing platforms and applications. It supports the seamless migration of critical archives between on-premise storage systems, as well as supports migrating on-premise storage to the cloud. The PAMM suite is a methodology automated by software that maintains the ever-critical chain of custody required to meet the business and regulatory demands on today’s businesses.

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), a market research firm based in Milford, MA, estimates that organizations will archive over 90,000 petabytes of e-mail and file information in the next three years. Companies that adopted archive solutions a few years ago are now re-evaluating their decisions because some of the initial technologies do not scale well in the face of the growing data management and storage requirements. Until now, companies looking to upgrade or switch vendors have struggled with the time and labor intensive process of moving an archive from one platform to another. “Initial adopters of archiving are realizing the limitations of some of the solutions in the marketplace as archive environments are growing much faster due to the regulatory, legal and business requirements to save more information for longer periods of time,” said Brian Babineau, senior analyst with ESG. “All archive implementations should now incorporate data migrations solutions such as Procedo’s PAMM so customers can always take advantage of the latest and greatest technology in the marketplace without fear of being held captive by their current platform.”

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