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Primer: Application Performance Optimization

Smart organizations recognize that end-to-end, customer-focused operational service management is crucial to providing a consistent, reliable, measurable and usage-based customer experience, whether your "customer" is a million-dollar buyer or a typical end user. What's changed in the past year or two is that vendor offerings have evolved to help IT make technology investments work together to optimize services. What hasn't changed is the need to do good old-fashioned documenting of processes, and that monitoring network, servers, applications and other service infrastructure components is usually easier said than done.

Further complicating matters is the fact that buying better management products may take a back seat to other fiscal priorities. Moreover, enterprises with distributed and mainframe systems in a converging IT environment have massive repositories of customer data. Ensuring this data is kept safe is mission critical.

But the fact is, if an organization keeps pushing management systems to the bottom of the budget pile, it risks compromising the overall integrity of IT systems.

Application Performance Optimization Immersion Center


To provide high QoS to customers, IT must develop a structured, process-driven methodology focused on operational service management. Such a focus enhances service assurance, service activation and service fulfillment, and will eventually yield superior customer service management. We'll guide you through the key functional areas that must be addressed to achieve a truly operational IT environment.

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