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PowerFile Intros Appliance

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- PowerFile, an innovator in archive appliances for permanent storage of digital content and assets, today announced the introduction of the Active Archive Appliance™ (A3™) Enterprise Edition, the industry’s most energy efficient system for online data storage. Building on the momentum of an award-winning product line that continues to redefine archival storage, PowerFile’s third generation appliance incorporates industry-standard Blu-ray Disc™ technology from Panasonic to increase density by a factor of six to an enterprise-class 70TB in a 42U rack enclosure. By introducing an entirely new approach to keeping fixed content data – such as documents, images and media files – accessible on the network and ‘active,’ PowerFile is uniquely able to offer a fully configured 120TB appliance that consumes less than 240W of power1.

Game Changing Platform

Prior to the recent introduction of Blu-ray, standard optical storage technologies had not kept pace with the densities of disk- and tape-based alternatives making it impossible for optical-based systems to meet the storage requirements of large enterprises with hundreds of terabytes of data. Blu-ray changes all that by offering 50GB of storage on a single DVD-sized disc with a technology roadmap that promises 200GB per disc. This order of magnitude increase in density is what enables PowerFile to offer up to 70TB of storage in a standard 42U rack enclosure and up to 120TB per appliance, making the A3 Enterprise Edition the most compelling storage solution to leverage optical media in more than a decade.

Nothing Proprietary

The A3 Enterprise Edition continues with PowerFile’s tradition of utilizing industry standards to deliver solutions where customers own their data – not their storage vendor. Through strict adherence to standard network access protocols, standard media formats and standard file structures, the A3 Enterprise Edition completely eliminates the risk of vendor lock-in, a major concern with leading fixed-content solutions such as Content Addressable Storage (CAS) that restrict data access to custom Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and store data in proprietary formats.

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