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Poll Stuck in Overdrive

We at Byte and Switch love to survey readers, and we're hardly going to complain when they respond enthusiastically -- as y'all have to our latest poll on data center backbone switches.

But a couple of things give me pause about the results from over 700 readers: First off, over 86 percent of those polled say establishing a data center fabric is "extremely important" to undertake this year.

That's surprising, given that many data center managers we've polled in the past are just getting around to technologies like virtualization and iSCSI. (Check out previous Data Center and Storage polls to see what we mean.)

And in a poll in early January, over 60 percent of respondents said they would not change their storage architecture dramatically in 2008.

Surely it's not a leap to consider that adding a single-vendor fabric, much of which is still in the development stage, would be a dramatic change in architecture.

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