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Collaboration On The Go Podcast (download here). Despite the cries and moans of a few cynics, podcasting has not turned into a temporary Internet fad, nor does it look like it will anytime soon. People are now starting to look towards making some real money off of podcasts, from the amateur hobbyist to the massive corporation. In today's episode, I explore and give my opinion on varying ways to earn some cash.
I believe there are six business models for podcasters: don't care, spare a dime, paid off, paid out, pay me and make money elsewhere. Going forward, I don't see a dominant model at this time, although I suspect ad supported podcasts will probably become the most common commercial medium, followed by the self promotional (and non-revenue generating) model, then subscription. I have listened to podcasts in each of these formats, and my comments here are from a consumer or listener perspective. You can subscribe to the COTG podcast by using this feed.

The music featured in this episode is called "Music for a Future City", by Camtarn. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.