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Place your orders, please

Well finally. I managed to get back into the swing of things and get the order process complete. At least from an order entry standpoint.
You also get to choose a delivery method:
NWC Standard (guy on a bike) $5.95
NWC Second day (guy in a car) $15.95
NWC Next day (guy on a plane) $25.95

Because if we're selling 'em, someone has to deliver them.
On a development note, when I create a new Servlet via WebSphere Studio, I'd expect that it extend HttpServlet by default. It doesn't. It extends whatever class I had selected. This caused no end of trouble. I kept seeing a "Class Cast Exception". Finally it occurred to me to actually look at the class definition. WebSphere AS was right - it wasn't a servlet class. Now it is and it's working just fine.