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Pity the Fool

11:30 AM -- One of the year's more intriguing emails arrived at Byte and Switch Towers earlier this week, inviting me to meet with HDS and their new buddy -- Mr. T!

Yes, the jewelry-bedecked former A-Team star is now orbiting the storage firmament, at least according to HDS's PR team. Next week, Mr. T will be in New York with HDS execs extolling the virtues of controller-based storage virtualization.

An image takes shape: B.A. Baracus setting about some HDS TagmaStores with an acetylene torch and emerging a couple of hours later with a bazooka and a tank. How cool would that be?

The reason for this bizarre union is still unclear, though it apparently has to do with a new video ad campaign from the storage vendor.

I can only hope these ads use the catch-line: "I pity the fool who bought IBM!"

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