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Pillar's Power Pitch

5:15 PM -- How green is your storage? Pillar Data Systems can help you find out, using a newly devised mathematical formula.

According to Pillar, any organization with an environmental and civic conscience must do more than shut off some data center lights. A range of factors go into a solid energy strategy. Pillar has combined these in a unique equation, designed to gauge the efficiency of storage gear. Here it is:

    Capacity (in gigabytes) x Performance (in input/output operations per second)/Power consumption (in watts) x Space (in square meters)

Got that? By dividing your storage system's required IOPS by power consumption per square meter, you'll get a figure that will help you determine the greenest, most energy-efficient storage system.

Of course, you need to feed in the right numbers. Pillar snatched a few figures off competitors' Websites to demonstrate that its own gear virtually doubles the green value of systems from EMC, NetApp, and 3PAR.

What do these vendors say to the power-trashing? "We do have a very strong response, and though we aren't ready to reveal our data yet -- we are confident that Pillar's claims of leadership in this arena are already outdated," asserts Eric Brown, senior director of worldwide PR at NetApp.

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