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Pillar Enhances Storage Platform

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- If data is the lifeblood of an organization, the applications are its heart. Cost control and risk mitigation in data centers typically are adversarial pursuits. Ensuring application uptime and performance within those constraints is the data center managers primary objective. Most data storage systems, however, are oblivious to the applications they are serving. Today, Pillar Data Systems significantly alters that landscape.

All applications are not created equal. All data is not created equal. As storage administrators look to control costs in their data centers, the ability to match their storage resources with the value of data at the application level promises that their overall IT environment is optimized, from the application to the underlying infrastructure.

“Pillar saw a need and recognized that a company’s storage environment shouldn’t just house data, but should support the unique needs of every application,” said David Riley, CIO, Foundry Networks. “With the highest utilization rates in the industry, Pillar Axiom allows us to dynamically optimize our storage environment to the associated applications that run our business. Since Pillar offers optimal performance to our applications, we also don’t have to worry about trading out performance for additional storage.”

Pillar Data Systems Inc.