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Aha! Remember that ob_start() and ob_end_flush() are your friends in PHP when trying to set headers from include calls. The first call tells the server to not send HTTP headers until you tell it to, making it possible to include other pages that may need to set a cookie (like a login servlet). Once past that, it was fairly simple to get some additional coding done to view orders on a customer specific basis.
We also talked about the problem with boot order and found there's really nothing we can do about it. The Exchange machine needs the ADS machine to be up or it fails to start running Exchange correctly, but there's no way to insure that the ADS machine comes up first after a shut down. I've got the same kinds of problems at home, where the backup machine needs to be up in order for other machines to mount the backup volumes, but it's a catch 22 as the other machines need the DNS server to come up to resolve addy's first. It seems there's no automatic method of forcing specific machines to come up in a specific order.
I suppose, though, that if something so terrible happens that we lose power long enough for the machines to all shut down that we're going to need to go in and make sure everything is okay anyway so we'll live with the situation. At least they shut down gracefully!