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Palm's Treo 700P

Please the fans and hush the skeptics: That's Palm's challenge with the latest Palm OS-based version of its Treo PDA, the 700P. Though Palm has had great success with its OS, the introduction of the Treo 700W, which runs Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform, has clouded Palm OS's future. For this reason, the 700P--the upgrade to the popular Treo 650--has only met the first half of its goal.

The fans will be happy with the 700P's improved EV-DO, Bluetooth, Dial-Up Networking and multimedia features. But enterprises considering large-scale deployments will have to consider the extra expense and complexity of third-party VPN support, as well as technical limitations pertaining to multitasking and protected memory that Windows Mobile has long since addressed.

The Upshot

Palm's Treo 700P improves on its predecessor, the Treo 650, with enhanced connectivity all around, including Bluetooth, EV-DO support and better Dial-Up Networking features.

Palm now offers a choice in operating systems--the Treo 700P runs Palm OS Garnet, while the Treo 700W runs Windows Mobile. Though the Palm OS has the larger library of applications, Windows' multitasking support and ability to handle protected memory gives the latter a new advantage when teamed up with Palm's popular hardware.

Credibility: The Palm 700P transfers data as fast as such EV-DO devices as the Kyocera KR1 router--still much slower than even DSL--but never dropped a connection in our roaming tests. Businesses considering this device, however, should look to the 700W if they need out-of-the-box VPN support or plan major vertical application deployment.

Palm Treo 700P

starts at $399.99

The Basics

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