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Packeteer Announces PS 900

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Packeteer (NASDAQ: PKTR), the global leader in WAN Application Delivery, today announced the availability of its PacketShaper 900 (PS900) appliance, the industrys smallest, most feature rich WAN Optimization appliance for visibility, control, compression and acceleration of application traffic in space- and power-constrained locations, such as those found in government, military and retail environments. The PS900 delivers the high performance and full functionality of Packeteer’s larger PacketShaper models for Intelligent Service Assurance™ in a small form-factor, energy efficient package that aligns with the needs of remote sites where space and power is at a premium. Packeteer’s Intelligent Service Assurance solutions offer the high performance delivery of any application and service to any user anywhere in the enterprise, and the PS900 extends this level of assurance cost-effectively to users in the smallest remote offices.

“Even in environments where space and power consumption are a factor, businesses and organizations still require full and powerful WAN Optimization tools,” said Dr. Jim Metzler, analyst, Ashton, Metzler & Associates. “Military organizations with vehicles in the field, oil and gas manufacturers with mobile research labs, and even chain stores with kiosk or storefront locations are all examples where performance can’t be sacrificed because of space or power limitations. To take this one step further, the need for these classes of small, power-smart WAN optimization appliances will soon no longer be limited to these environments, but will increasingly become the standard that vendors will need to meet for all locations regardless of available space or power.”

Packeteer Inc.