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Outpacing the Storage Slowdown

There has been plenty of discussion during the last week about whether the storage industry is facing a spending slowdown.

Whether you think that all this talk is overblown or not, recent moves from EMC underline the fact that enterprises can no longer be seen as a storage cash cow.

"Who knows what the economy will do? That's still a wild card," said CEO Joe Tucci at the vendor's Innovation Day last week, becoming the latest exec to voice his unease about the economic climate.

The EMC CEO surprised everyone (including his own staff) at the Boston event by divulging the vendor's plans to dive into the consumer, SMB, and Web 2.0 markets.

EMC may be synonymous with enterprise storage and high-end arrays, but with a major question mark hanging over enterprise spending, this is clearly not how Tucci wants the firm to be perceived.

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