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Orchestria Unveils Orchestria 6

NEW YORK -- Orchestria, the proven leader in Information Protection and Control, today announced the immediate availability of Orchestria 6, a modular suite of products for data loss prevention, messaging compliance and information classification that can be deployed wherever organizations need to guard against data loss, monitor and supervise electronic communications, and classify information in support of corporate record keeping.

Featuring enhanced endpoint control, active network protection, an interactive dashboard that improves incident tracking and management oversight, and enhancements for discovering and controlling data-at-rest, the Orchestria 6 integrated suite of products enables organizations to proactively manage a broad set of information risks. Orchestria 6 includes the following products:

  • Orchestria Endpoint Control provides continuous protection for data-in-use and data-in-motion at the desktop or laptop, on or off the corporate network. Endpoint Save and Endpoint Print control extends protection to removable media and document printing.
  • Orchestria Message Server Control provides protection for data-in-motion at the message server, ensuring both internal and external messaging is protected and controlled. Support is provided for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino servers, as well as Microsoft IIS and Milter based MTAs, including Sendmail and Postfix.
  • Orchestria Network Control provides protection for data-in-motion at the network boundary. Active Network Protection prevents data loss with real-time gigabit wire speed analysis, monitoring, and blocking for e-mail (SMTP, POP3 and Webmail), Web-based traffic (HTTP or HTTPS), instant messaging (including file transfer), FTP, P2P and many other protocols, both inbound and outbound. Extensive address, port and protocol filtering is also provided.
  • Orchestria Stored Data Control scans, analyzes and protects data-at-rest on servers, network file shares and data repositories including Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange Public Folders. Document Smart Tagging allows users to quickly and appropriately classify sensitive information in a userassisted or fully automated mode, reducing costs and improving regulatory compliance.
  • Orchestria Review & Reporting features an intuitive Web-based Interactive Dashboard to analyze messages and files for incidents and allows review personnel to quickly identify, route, review, and escalate harmful activity. Configurable ‘panes’ deliver metrics on a variety of user and incident activity. Real-time ‘drill downs' take the user to individual incidents for complete root-cause analysis.
  • The Orchestria Platform provides a distributed and modular infrastructure, with proven scalability to meet the deployment needs of the largest global corporations, supporting both centralized and distributed management, fully automated hierarchical policy assignment, directory and back office integration, and an enterprise grade security model with role based privileges and full data segregation.
  • Orchestria Policy, featuring more than 300 field proven analysis templates, provides best practice detection of risks determined by law, regulation, corporate governance, and good common sense in message, Web and file activity. Orchestria 6 provides Web-based Policy Editing through a new, intuitive user interface.

From the network boundary to the endpoint to USB drives and printers, Orchestria 6 provides complete coverage against the loss of personally-identifiable information (PII), intellectual property (IP) and non-public information (NPI), while ensuring messaging compliance and enforcing information classification with the following capabilities:

  • Coverage – Orchestria products provide control and protection across all information channels and control points, including internal/external e-mail, instant messaging, Webmail, blogs, disconnected laptops, and removable media.
  • Detection – Orchestria products accurately detect information that has violated policy or requires classification. Powered by more than 300 pre-built, highly precise policies, Orchestria works in real-time to accurately detect policy violations before a message or file is sent, a Web transaction is completed, a file is saved, or a document is printed.
  • Action – Orchestria products proactively protect and control information in real-time by matching responses specifically to the type and severity of the violation. Orchestria supports a variety of actions, including block, correct, embed, inform, quarantine, and classify.
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