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Oracle Uses DataCore

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- DataCore Software today announced that both its SANmelody and SANsymphony™ solutions provide shared, auto-failover, high availability, virtual SAN storage for Oracle Virtual Machines (VMs). With this announcement, the leading provider of hardware independent storage virtualization solutions adds Oracle to the many server virtualization flavors customers can choose from to get started with server virtualization, supported by an affordable, DataCore™ virtual SAN. These DataCore solutions, featuring advanced storage management, fast disk I/O performance acceleration, cost-effective thin provisioning, SANmotion data migration, remote site disaster recover (DR) and auto-recovery high availability (HA), overcome for many the high cost storage barrier to achieving server virtualization benefits.

“Oracle VM may be free, but even that price isn’t low enough if the high cost and complexity of the SAN storage required to support it puts it right back out of reach,” said George Teixeira, president and CEO, DataCore Software Corporation. “DataCore solves that problem with storage virtualization solutions – priced from $1,000 – that can run on virtually any hardware or on a VM itself, and can easily be upgraded as needed to meet customer lifecycle needs. DataCore makes it simple and affordable to achieve fault tolerant SAN data protection and high availability, a must-have to move and migrate virtual machines and protect them from the ‘many eggs in one basket’ problem inherent in server consolidation.”

DataCore storage virtualization solutions convert standard Intel/AMD servers or virtual machines (VMs) into fully capable storage servers that virtualize disks and serve them over existing networks to application servers. They are simple to operate, take only minutes to install, and let users cost-effectively optimize, manage and protect data storage and disk space. DataCore storage virtualization solutions are priced easily within reach of small and midsize enterprises, and scale affordably to meet the needs of even the most storage-intensive, Fortune 1000 data centers.

“Buy Only What You Need, When You Need It” – The DataCore ‘Investment Carry Forward’ Upgrade Advantage

DataCore slashes upfront and lifecycle investment risks by allowing customers to build upon and carry forward their DataCore investment as they grow and upgrade their systems. While other vendors force the customer to buy all at once, charging high premiums for follow-on sales and upgrades, DataCore allows anyone to get started by purchasing just what their current needs dictate, and to easily upgrade as and when the need requires – without losing their existing investment or paying a premium for that luxury.

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