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Oracle Bends (A Bit) On Multi-Core Licensing

Oracle is bending -- kind of -- on its licensing policies for the new multi-core CPUs coming on the market, sources tell CRN.

Whereas the company had previously counted each core as a full processor, it will now count each core of a multi-core chip as three-quarters of a processor.

That would mean that Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition database running on a four-way server with dual-core processors which had listed for $320,000 (four times two cores times $40,000) will now list for $240,000 (or 0.75 times 8 cores times $40,000 per core), according to sources.

Oracle would not comment but partners have long said the company had to respond to competitive challenges issued by database rivals. Both Microsoft and IBM have already made licensing concessions for the new world enabled by multi-core chips from both AMD and Intel.

Sources said the new model kicks in as of July 8.

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