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In- or OutSource?

Real-World Policies

As manager of a bank infosec office in Brazil, I found Jonathan Feldman's column on workstation policy enforcement ("Lockdown Limits," Sept. 16, 2004) particularly useful. My first reaction was, "This guy doesn't live in the real world." But I've since come around--enough to consider applying Feldman's ideas at my workplace.

In managing user profiles, are group policies advisable? Should management approval be sought for each type of profile installed based on its risks? Are there restrictions based on personnel rules?

Alvaro Teofilo
Infosec Manager
Company name and e-mail address withheld by request

Jonathan Feldman replies: I always use group policies. What's more, I always look to the human resources department for guidance on user policies. To leave HR out of what is essentially an employee issue seems disingenuous at best.

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