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Opinion: Finding God in a SAN

It is inevitable once your name appears in print on a semi-regular basis that you will be visited (i.e., spammed) by e-mails from every press relations agency on the planet. All are seeking to get my attention and ultimately to see their clients' names in print.

Most of these missives are deleted immediately because they lack any sort of newsworthy content (e.g., "Vendor executive gets paper cut, but prognosis for full recovery is good"). But one message came across my virtual transom recently that really stood out from the rest.

The headline was literally Biblical in proportions: "Finding God in a SAN." I found my mouse magnetically drawn to the inbox listing and my right-clicking finger spasming involuntarily, as though guided by an unseen force. In a moment, the message expanded full screen, casting an ethereal glow across my desk and a glare across my glasses.

Once my eyes adjusted, I read the brief text. Xiotech had sold one of its Magnitude arrays to a televangelist who was looking for a SAN that they "could have faith in," apparently after a disappointing experience with another vendor's gear. The "storage administer" (whether this was a job title or a typo, I do not know) said his organization needed a SAN to be "a good steward of God's money."

The release text went on to pitch the solution. "Xiotech, a storage networking innovator, came to the ministries' rescue. Through the implementation of Xiotech's Magnitude 3D--the industry's first distributed clustered storage solution, the religious nonprofit immediately improved performance and can now store their peak load of up to 50,000 business transactions a day and more, helping them spread 'the good word' via technology."

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