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Opalis Implements 'Rail Pocket'

TORONTO -- Opalis Software, Inc., the leading provider of Run Book Automation (RBA) software that orchestrates, integrates, and automates IT operational processes, today announced the successful implementation of Dutch Railways innovative “Rail Pocket” wireless application, which includes critical IT process workflows automated and managed by Opalis. Dutch Railways is one of the busiest rail systems in the world and carries over one million passengers daily, with over 5,000 departures from 320 stations.

Rail Pocket allows a conductor or train engineer to enter data into a handheld device about real-time events happening on the train such as: seating capacity, train punctuality, safety risk conditions on the track or on board the train, or such issues as a plumbing problem. Using WiFi and GSM technology, the information is bundled into a Windows .xml file, transmitted via wireless devices, parsed on the receiving end, and then sent to the appropriate back-end management systems, databases, and applications. Opalis orchestrates this entire workflow process, including text messaging the information to any service organization that might need to take action based on the problems reported so they can meet the train at the next station platform, if needed.

Dutch Railways recently changed its schedule for the first time in 30 years and used the Rail Pocket solution to monitor train capacity and punctuality, providing analytic views of how the trains were handling peak loads around the new schedules.

“Dutch Railways created a solution that is a real innovation for their industry,” said Todd DeLaughter, CEO and President of Opalis. “In fact, Gartner recently published a case study on the Rail Pocket project. We’re honored and proud to play a key role in this extraordinary project.”

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