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Onsite Adds Legal Solutions

ARLINGTON, Va. -- ONSITE3, a leading global provider of eForensics, eDiscovery, eReview and consulting services offering one source litigation support for law firms and corporations, today announced the release of its new eView™ Review Platform for automated document review and online repository hosting. Designed to provide the best balance of people, technology, and documents. eView is ideally suited for law firms and corporations that need improved efficiency and effectiveness for handling large and complex document review projects.

“ONSITE3’s release of the eView Review Platform underscores our commitment to streamlining and improving the document review process for our customers and partners," said Mark Hawn, chief executive officer, ONSITE3. “eView delivers an unprecedented array of automation and management capabilities packaged into a single intuitive and easy-to-use application which can increase review efficiency by up to 20 percent, and help clients to realize significant savings both in terms of the time and cost associated with e-discovery document review.”

“By utilizing improved technologies and enabling clients to automate many of the processes that they previously addressed through means of manual execution, eView facilitates the entire review process from distribution of document batches all the way through to management of productions,” said Debra Rozier, vice president of ASP services, ONSITE3. “Typically, the most expensive part of any review process has been the actual conduct of review by legal professionals. Any efficiencies that can be gained through precise processes, targeted technology, or on-demand documents can decrease the time necessary for completion of reviews and correspondingly can decrease the cost of reviews.”