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Onaro Adds New Storage Views

Onaro took another step today to widen its place in the storage resource management (SRM) world. (See Onaro Unveils 3.5.) But the jury's out on just how wide a net Onaro can cast.

Originally conceived to help organizations manage change in their SANs, Onaro has gradually added a range of other features. Today's release of SANscreen Foundation 3.5 adds the following:

  • Application-centric view: SANscreen now lets organizations map applications to storage resources, so administrators can view the services delivered to an application. For instance, the product shows how much storage capacity is dedicated to an application rather than a host -- a feature that can come in handy if an application runs across several hosts.
  • Improved capacity planning: SANscreen now reports on allocation trends for arrays and switch ports, based on information stored in its change repository.
  • IT Storage Portal: A new Web-based interface that depicts information about storage resources for administrators outside of storage. Database administrators (DBAs), network admins, and others can view storage resource information for their applications and services.

The new features are part of Onaro's ongoing strategy to move beyond its original role of change management for SANs. (See Onaro Ships Change Manager.) In March, Onaro added service quality, chargeback, and security violations reports. (See Onaro One-Ups SRM.) Last month, Onaro delivered a dashboard to plug into Oracle that shows the status of storage services from within Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g. Onaro is working on similar plug-ins for Cisco and Hitachi Data Systems hardware. (See Onaro, Oracle Team Up.)

The additions raise questions about how much functionality Onaro should really attempt to take on. SRM has been a murky area, perhaps because it comprises so many capabilities. It is difficult for an application to deliver all of them across heterogeneous SANs. (See Insider: SRM Spells 'Challenge'.) To be really complete, a product would need to include features such as autodiscovery, provisioning, change management, quota management, utilization reporting and monitoring, root cause analysis, and capacity planning, to name just a few.

Most startups that have taken a shot at heterogeneous SRM have been acquired and integrated into larger management applications. (See StorageTek Salvages Storability, HP Chomps AppIQ & Peregrine, and Storage Shopping Spree.) Symantec and CommVault have had some success with more comprehensive heterogeneous SRM, but most shops use either spreadsheets or packages that come with their SAN gear.

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