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Omneon Picks Bell

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- The leading provider of flexible media server and active storage systems, Omneon, has selected Bell Microproducts Inc. (NASDAQ:BELM), one of the world's largest value-added distributors of storage and computing technology, to spearhead the production of Omneon's award-winning MediaGrid Servers.

Omneon provides highly scalable shared storage platforms for use in the most demanding media environments, and its high profile customers include Turner Broadcasting System, and ESPN Star Sports. Noted for optimized workflow productivity and on-air reliability for the production, distribution and management of digital media, Omneon's MediaGrid Servers required a highly skilled manufacturing partner with deep expertise in storage to develop the product from concept to pre-production to mature production.

With a strong focus on development, marketing and sales, Omneon was looking to completely outsource production of MediaGrid servers and leverage the core competencies of value-added partners, thus improving time to market, cost efficiencies, production capacities, and product expertise. Omneon ultimately selected Bell Microproducts, a channel leader and recognized expert in storage solutions whose integration centers provide end-to-end solutions maximizing their core competencies in distribution, manufacturing, logistic fulfillment and post manufacturing support.

MediaGrid is the first content storage system that plays an active part in the broadcast work flow, adapting to a customer's changing resiliency, storage, and bandwidth requirements while simultaneously performing media processing functions on stored content. "As a recognized leader in storage which offers franchised relationships with many of the industry's key suppliers, Bell Microproducts was the natural choice to produce our 1U and 4U MediaGrid servers," said Apurba Dutta, MediaGrid product manager at Omneon. "We came to Bell Microproducts with significant and pressing production needs, and they met the challenge wonderfully."

Bell Microproducts was able to successfully meet the challenge to produce, integrate, test, pack out and ship a large quantity of the servers over a short timeframe at the end of 2006. Bell Microproducts relied on lean manufacturing to meet Omneon's needs, dedicating entire work cells to the task at hand and working around the clock. Bell Microproducts met and exceeded Omneon's production needs, helping Omneon to realize a significant increase in revenues for their fourth quarter and satisfy their customers with quality solutions, delivered on time.

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