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Okay, VERY hectic day in

Okay, VERY hectic day in the lab. The HVAC guys from J&D Heating are here and so is Martin Security putting in our security system. It's almost impossible to work in here.
Some of you may be wondering why the picture from the cam on the RackBotz hasn't changed. We were having some sporadic lockup issues with the RackBotz, so thought to mess with it a bit. Lori and I attemped to upgrade the bios on the unit, and well, fried it. The pretty lights no longer blink, but simply stare like some horrible hardware zombie.
I spoke with a nice gentleman at RackBotz, and he is sending us a new WallBotz, that will give you guys a view of that actual application lab equipment, and *bonus* it's in COLOR. Booya! That should be here tomorrow, and provided I can get network and power run over there ASAP, we should have new images for you soon.
Thats all for now, I post an update later, at the end of the day.