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Ogilvy Keynoter Cites Human Challenge

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Storage Networking World -- People, not technology, present the biggest challenge when rolling out major storage projects, warned Yuri Aguiar, chief technology officer of advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather, during his keynote speech here today.

People affect change more than technology does,” Aguiar said, highlighting the pressure of rolling out projects across Ogilvy’s diverse IT infrastructure. The advertising firm has offices in 497 locations around the world and handles ads in 50 different languages for 2,700 clients, which include IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) and Unilever.

Once upon a time, the advertising business required a continuous trafficking in physical photonegatives and other ad production materials. Now, it's all electronic: “One of the biggest issues we face is storage and moving all these digital assets around the globe at high speed and accurately,” said Aguiar. “If there’s a shade of green that’s used by a certain client in New York, it better be the same shade in Brazil.”

In 1999, Ogilvy set up what Aguiar calls a Secure File Transfer Project, specifically to address the issue of how best to coordinate the flow of data worldwide. But with other initiatives also underway, the scheme was never high priority. The result: confusion.

”What happened was that, as in any organization, silos and byproducts were being put into offices around the globe to address the issue. We were not getting the standards we wanted, and some clients were starting to scream.”

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