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NWC's Syracuse Labs Get a Makeover

Time to get serious about our goals for the new facility. First, we wanted to maximize the potential for collaboration among Network Computing's and sister publication Secure Enterprise's six full-time Syracuse staff members and cadre of freelancers, all of whom had been split between two buildings at the university. The buildings were only a couple of hundred yards apart but, as anyone who's studied the psychology of community knows, that distance may as well have been a couple of hundred miles, especially when you consider Syracuse's annual eight-month glacial period. Second, we wanted a rock-solid infrastructure that included power, cooling and structured wiring that would carry our new data center into the next decade, and a work area designed to help us achieve the first goal.

Power and Cooling

With the countdown under way, we had less than seven months to plan and execute the infrastructure for a new data center. We had worked on power and cooling nuts and bolts in 2003 but recognized that plenty had changed in the intervening years. We started looking for a ready-made setup that could be designed and installed in quick order. Enter American Power Conversion.

New Setup at Syracuse University Real-World Labs

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