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NWC's NAC Battleground

Network Access Control, or NAC, means different things to different people, but the one constant is the pure premise of the technology: to control "who" gets access to "what" information/assets available on the network.

The major differentiator for vendors in this market is the specific architectural approach they take toward achieving this goal.

To help technologists better understand NAC and sort through vendor options, we commissioned the NWC NAC Battleground, a special project that gives key NAC vendors a chance to define how their solution differs from others and how it helps IT to protect and manage access to information.

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A word of explanation is required, however. Unlike the rest of Network Computing's coverage of the NAC market, the vendor content was not edited by NWC editors. Instead, we gave the sponsoring vendors a change to tell their story, in their own words. We hope the vendor's position statements, combined with Network Computing's own testing and editorial coverage of the NAC market, can help you evaluate NAC vendor products and find the solution that best serves the needs of your enterprise.

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