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NWC Inc., creating quality widgets since 2002

As you may have noticed with the publication of this week's magazine, we have officially launched NWC Inc.! Kudos and congrats go out to Lori, Steve, Ron, et al. for their great work in sending this ship out to sea successfully. In honor of its maiden voyage (and to belabor this analogy), we invite you to come aboard and take a look about. You can of course check out our "centerfold" diagram of the lab infrastructure to get an idea of just how much wire, chip, and circuit went into this endeavor.

But rather than simply reading about the lab, we think you might enjoy trying out one of its first test applications. Built by Lori Macvittie, this customer database contains a series of NWC Inc. Widgets, which you can browse. You can also view current widget orders. To garner full functionality, just log in as cromack / cromack. We hope you find it interesting. Because this is a work in progress, Lori asks that you send her comments/questions on the database...but be gentle.