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Northern Offers Analysis Tool

TAMPA, Fla. -- NORTHERN, global providers of flexible, easy to administer, Windows-based storage resource management software solutions, today announces the release of a free storage analysis tool that gives organizations - from large enterprises to SMB's -- a fast and simple way of assessing capacity utilization and determining their need for Storage Resource Management (SRM).

All organizations are experiencing massive data growth, creating a need to manage that data as easily and efficiently as possible. However, not all these organizations recognize the need for a dedicated SRM tool. Northern's free storage analysis tool gives managers all they information they to begin the process of deciding whether to implement an SRM solution. Users simply point the tool to a given path and within minutes they'll receive an easy-to-read report on available space, files types stored (i.e., media files), who your top "users" are as well as "age" information on the files that are candidates for archiving/deletion/migration.

Thomas Vernersson, Northern President, said, "All organizations, from the largest to the smallest, are grappling with data protection, archiving, security and availability issues, all under the burden of rapidly growing data. However, not all have sufficiently robust tools in place to efficiently manage this data. Our storage analysis tool simplifies the task of ascertaining whether you are a candidate for SRM by making it easy to discover what's lying 'under the hood.' Typically you need a dedicated reporting tool to get a real handle on your capacity and emerging trends; by making the storage analyzer free and easy-to-use, organizations have every incentive to take a step back and get an accurate assessment of their needs."

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