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Nirvanix's Smashing Statement

In a marketing promo right up there with the naked runners of startup Catbird, storage-as-a-service provider Nirvanix has created a startling video reminiscent of 1960s pop-art campus flicks.

The film clip is part of Nirvanix's "The Box Is Dead!" campaign, which the firm is taking on the road. One witness, Dean Takahashi of the San Jose Mercury News, reports that Nirvanix's CEO Patrick Harr invited a customer to smash a box onstage at a recent trade event.

If you hang around vendors long enough, you start to think like one. Case in point: We'd like to know whose boxes are being smashed and if in fact they're storage boxes at all.

Nirvanix chief marketing officer Jonathan Buckley confides, "It was a 14-TB filer from a tier 1 OEM... supplied by a new customer in December for a sacrifice." Understandably, he's not willing to reveal the name of the box supplier.

Chop away, dude! I can't wait to see what the storage marketing geniuses come up with next. On second thought, maybe I can.

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