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Nirvanix Launches Service

SAN DIEGO -- Emerging from stealth mode today, San Diego-based startup Nirvanix is unveiling its new business-to-business storage delivery service (SDS) that offers on-demand Internet storage for Web 2.0, media application, service provider and consumer electronics companies. Built on the company's patent-pending Internet Media File SystemT, the Nirvanix SDS enables rapid integration of online media storage and sharing into applications via web services.

According to IDC, the digital universe will expand 600% to 988 exabytes by 2010 at a compound annual growth rate of 57%. Nearly 70% of this data will be user-generated content and 50% of this data will be on-line, marking a dramatic shift in how consumers use the Web and how businesses must support this explosive data growth.

"The shift from a desktop-centric application world to an Internet-centric world dictates the creation of a new, massively scalable storage platform,"
said Patrick Harr, CEO of Nirvanix, "Nirvanix is this platform. Our proprietary media clustered file system, available through the storage delivery service, scales to support the exabytes of media content that will be created, shared and hosted online by hundreds of millions of users over the next decade."

Nirvanix Inc.