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Nice Talking to You

12:40 PM -- How often do you read about a product or service that sounds great, without any users available to comment?

You don't need to tell me. In my world, customer comments are the coin of a rarefied realm, one peopled by the whisper-suite crowd. So when a well-known PR agency phoned to offer a customer testimonial about a new NAS, I jumped at it.

Besides, it sounded great, involving digital photography, tourism, and a challenge to NetApp. What wasn't to love?

For starters, the customer wasn't a technician of any kind. In fact, it was hard to tell what he did.

Why was this NAS picked? Because a consultant told him to. What other products were involved in the evaluation process? He couldn't recall, except that one of them had "Yellow" in its name. How much did it cost? Dunno. Any idea how much was saved in terms of time, operating expenses, or capital outlay? Nope.

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