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NextIO Announces ExpressConnect

TUCSON, Ariz. -- NextIO, a leader in the I/O Virtualization marketplace, today announced the ExpressConnect family of products at the Blade Systems Insight summit in Tucson, Ariz. ExpressConnect is the first family of ioGateway products for the virtualization market. The ExpressConnect are end-to-end connectivity solutions that leverage industry standard PCI Express (PCIe) technology. As an event sponsor, NextIO will be demonstrating both the N1400-PCM High-Speed Switch Module and the N28000-ICA I/O Consolidation Appliance in Booth 412 at the summit.

These are the first in NextIO's ioGateway products. The ioGateway segment of the virtualization market is defined as products enabling seamless IO Virtualization (IOV) to all standard industry endpoints (or devices) using industry-standard drivers residing in either rack or blade form factors. The segment encompasses both expansion and sharing opportunities.

The N1400-PCM High-Speed Switch Module enables blade servers to expand their PCIe signals outside of the chassis. It delivers a combined 35Gbps of I/O throughput external to the chassis for connectivity to standard PCI Express devices. The N2800-ICA enables flexible configuration of standard PCI Express devices for I/O expansion, partitioning, and virtualization. It offers up to 14 full-length, full-power PCI Express devices to be connected to and partitioned among multiple blade or rack servers.

"These ExpressConnect products directly address the manageability and flexibility demands of any number of solutions in dense computing applications," said David Hill, Principal of the Mesabi Group. "These include applications such as high-bandwidth HD video processing, vector processing and financial modeling, Web2.0 datacenter virtualization, and many others. NextIO provides seamless connectivity to any industry standard endpoint or device using standard drivers. This any-to-any connectivity, in effect, heralds the obsolescence of fixed I/O infrastructures."

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