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News From the SAN Shoals

Ah, June! Time to kick back and catch some waves at the Jersey shore (glubb! blubb!). And here I am, drifting dreamily, when along comes a bottle with a message in it from HQ: It's time, they say, to poke a tentacle into that bulging mailbag.

So your humble Byte and Switch mascot once again tackles the flotsam cast up from the Sea of SAN:

Dear Oscar:

Have you heard that some Symmetrix systems dating from the pre-DMX era – specifically the 8000 series units – are beginning to suffer from a chemical breakdown in some of the SCSI chips used within the units? I'm told this breakdown is only just now being observed in the field, but ultimately evolves into a leakage of phosphorus from the chips inside the Symmetrix unit (and there are like 200 of 'em in a three-bay configuration). Sounds scary!

– Gas Masked in IT

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