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The New Top Ten

Ding! Ding! Round three! This is it. The update to the Byte and Switch Top 10 List. And theres no tweaking it this time; we’ve made changes muchos grande.

As always, we appreciated and enjoyed your feedback on the last list. Those of you good enough to keep us on our toes by using the message boards, keep it up. The rest of you... Jump on and voice your opinions (after reading our Top 6 Top 10 Rules, natch). Get involved. It’s fun!

So, getting down to it. In the newly revised ranking there are:

  • Three new players
  • Three demotions to the Bit Bucket
  • A three-place jump for Scale Eight
  • A drop of six places for BlueArc (gasp!)
  • And a partridge in a pear tree

For anyone wondering why we don’t have one of the ten-or-so storage processor startups on this list, it’s because this sector is massively over-funded and none of these companies has pulled ahead of the pack – yet [ed.note: ever?]. If you think there’s an obvious winner here let us know why.

Click on any entry below to get the updated skinny on these storage networking go-getters.

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