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New TLDs

ICANN has approved a few new top level domains, and is still debating on some. Here is the announcement.

Let's look at them. The newly approved ones:
.JOBS - seems dumb to me. How many people will this affect?
.TRAVEL - Another one that's too niche to matter. Comeon ICANN, get out of niche markets.

And those still being considered:
.ASIA - This makes a lot of sense. Approve it.
.MAIL - Still a bit niche, but could be handy for hosted mail providers.
.TEL - This would be great for a VoIP DNS service. Instead of calling a phone number, you dial a person's DNS entry (call Mike.DeMaria.TEL). Approve it.
.XXX - The argument I've heard for this was that it'd be easy to filter out porn sites in the workplace or schools. Which is exactly why porn sites won't use it and will stay in the .com,.org and .net spaces. That said, having a .mature or .adult domain could make some sense. It'd let a person run a not-safe-for-work site without worrying about getting it's visitors in trouble.