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New Stuff

Yesterday afternoon, we received the first two pieces of our Cisco equipment via FedEx. They are two Cisco 7400ASR Routers. Booya! Hopefully, the Ethernet switches will not be long behind.
Mike today reloaded one of our lab machines, a HP Netserver LH6000 that had an old Windows load on it that was approaching cruft force 6. It had also been experiencing some hardware issues that we were able to fix by maintenencing the server. Mike blew all of the dust out of it and reseated all the cards and connectors and it's behaving very nicely now. I haven't had a chance to work with the NSS devices again yet, but hopefully that will happen later this week. I have some of my normal magazine testing-and-writing stuff to do and it's keeping me from playing with all the new toys. Ah, well, I will have more time later this week. I will update again when more happens. Take care, everyone.