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Neverfail Intros Solution

AUSTIN, Texas -- The Neverfail Group, a leading global software company providing affordable Continuous Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions, today introduced Neverfail Replicator, a data replication solution designed to ensure business data is always available.

Intended to protect application data for business processes which can tolerate some downtime, Neverfail Replicator can underpin a Continuous Availability strategy at an entry-level price. The new offering uses selected features from Neverfails Continuous Availability suite which powers all of Neverfail’s award-winning solutions.

Neverfail Replicator delivers data availability through data replication and server failover. The solution can be implemented over a LAN or WAN as well as in physical and virtual environments to protect against data loss and downtime. Neverfail Replicator ensures data is replicated and immediately available on a secondary server should the primary server experience a critical failure. There is no need to recover data before applications can resume. Once the issues with the primary server are resolved, data changes are easily replicated back to the primary server and switchback can occur.

Application recovery requirements will vary depending upon the application and the severity of the failure. Following an outage, the application may need to be restarted or recovered, and users may have to be reconnected. Neverfail Replicator accepts customized scripts to configure the application failover process and automate tasks such as application restart. Neverfail Replicator includes monitoring of the server hardware and operating system, as well as Neverfail’s Low Bandwidth module which is used to compress replication traffic in a WAN environment.

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