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Networking Is Back, Says Cisco's Chambers

LAS VEGAS -- In front of a standing-room-only crowd Wednesday evening here at the NetWorld + Interop show, Cisco CEO John Chambers delivered a fast-paced talk that touched on all parts of Cisco Systems' networking businesses while also outlining the importance of changing business processes with IT.

Chambers also told the crowd -- some of whom had lined up 45 minutes before his 5 p.m. keynote speech -- the same good news he delivered during the company's quarterly earnings
call the day before: That IT spending was clearly on an uptick, as evidenced by Cisco's profitable showing.

"Clearly, something fundamental has changed over the last three months," Chambers said, talking about corporate IT spending. CEOs, he added, seem to have "taken their foot off the [spending] brake.

"It's a pleasure for networking to be back," he added.

While Chambers spent a good part of his hour-long speech talking about Cisco's different areas of technology focus -- a list that includes security, IP telephony and wireless, along with its core switch and router business -- he also emphasized the need to change business processes to take advantage of information technology, a task he said was more important than just writing a check for more networking gear.

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