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NetQoS Integrates With Cisco

LONDON -- NetQoS Inc. is working with Cisco® to develop a management interface for accurate end-to-end application response time measurement for WAN optimisation. Integrated in Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) devices, the software will allow IT organisations to accurately validate the results of WAN optimisation deployments.

“This is a significant advancement in the WAN optimisation space, because accurate response time data is essential to ensuring WAN optimisation deployments are fully optimising application performance for the end user, and no other WAN optimisation solution offers this,” said Dr. Cathy Fulton, NetQoS CTO. “Current WAN optimisation technologies obscure application response times through locally acknowledged TCP sessions, making it difficult to quantify the real benefits of a WAN optimisation deployment. NetQoS and Cisco have developed a truly end-to-end solution where application performance statistics are captured and reported from the end user to the data centre.”

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