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NetQoS & EMC Team Up

READING, U.K. -- NetQoS Inc. has partnered with EMC® Corp. to deliver the industry’s first integrated solution for passive infrastructure discovery and end-to-end performance monitoring. NetQoS has integrated EMC Smarts® Application Discovery Manager (ADM) with NetQoS SuperAgent® as part of a reseller agreement, giving network engineers and network operations groups a single view into application dependencies and performance for improved troubleshooting and risk mitigation.

EMC Application Discovery Manager automatically discovers applications and identifies their supporting infrastructure components without requiring agents to build its dependency maps. NetQoS SuperAgent monitors the performance of applications by passively analysing response times without endpoint agents, isolating the cause of problems to the server, application or network. The NetQoS Connector for Smarts ADM will populate NetQoS SuperAgent with the application and server information ADM discovers, showing customers the underlying infrastructure dependencies alongside application performance data for faster problem resolution and more informed change management.

“NetQoS and EMC have brought together complementary technologies to help bridge a gap between infrastructure and application performance, especially since network professionals are often unaware of what applications are on the network,” said George Hamilton, director of enterprise infrastructure at Yankee Group. “In particular, the combination of EMC ADM with NetQoS SuperAgent will help IT groups planning consolidation or migration projects, where knowledge of system dependencies and before and after performance monitoring are crucial to minimising risk and understanding the impact of change.”

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