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Netezza Announces DSR Appliance

NEW YORK -- Netezza Corporation (NYSE Arca: NZ), the global leader in analytic appliances, and Market6, Inc., the leader in solutions to optimize the last mile” of the supply chain, today announced a partnership to develop the first Demand Signal Repository (DSR) Appliance. With this appliance, joint customers will realize far greater returns on their investment by understanding and responding to the demand signals in their supply chain.

The companies’ combined solution enables consumer product goods retailers and manufacturers to operationalize their demand signal data for tactical use, while providing even more robust strategic insights. Market6’s DemandView™ last mile supply chain application suite running on the Netezza Performance Server® (NPS®) appliance enables proactive response to the volatility of demand that results from trade promotion, merchandising activities and continually changing store conditions present in the last mile of the consumer goods supply chain. As an early member of the Netezza Developer Network, Market6 has been able to embed analytic capabilities within the Netezza appliance, leveraging Netezza’s high-performance, streaming processing to analyze data at the most granular level.

With the Netezza/Market6 DSR Appliance, both retailers and manufacturers will have the unprecedented ability to gain top-line growth by reducing out-of-stocks, and to measure the effectiveness and ROI of managing the supply chain as it hits the retail shelf. Further, Netezza’s speed of processing enables the DemandView Platform to rapidly respond to changes in business processes, so that the DSR Appliance will reflect shifts in product, competition, shelf configuration, distribution, sales force alignment, seasonal patterns and other areas that would normally consume a significant amount of resources and time in traditional data warehouses or other DSR technologies. Now, for the first time, consumer goods retailers and manufacturers will be able to understand and intelligently respond to changes in demand at the farthest edge of the supply chain.

In a separate release:

NEW YORK -- Netezza Corporation (NYSE Arca: NZ), the global leader in analytic appliances, today announced that Gander Mountain has selected the Netezza Performance Server® (NPS®) analytic appliance as its enterprise data warehouse (EDW) solution. With Netezza, Gander Mountain will be able to run analytics for merchandising, supply chain management and financial planning faster and use the resulting reports to make better business decisions.

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