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NetEffect Intros 10G Adapter

SAN FRANCISCO -- NetEffect, the leader in high performance, low power Ethernet connectivity solutions, today announced the availability of the newest member of its NE020 Family of high performance Ethernet adapters the 10Gb Ethernet adapter for the IBM BladeCenter H system. The dual-port NetEffect NE020BCH Mezzanine adapter enables IBM customers to meet the most challenging requirements for scale-up or scale-out environments while extending their existing investments in Ethernet standard hardware and software.

In today’s data center, more IT managers are increasingly turning away from deploying and supporting multiple interconnect technologies in favor of standardizing on Ethernet-based solutions with the latest iWARP extensions ratified by the IEEE and IETF. NetEffect’s 10Gb Ethernet adapters offer performance equal to, or better than, proprietary interconnects, while maintaining compliance with the ubiquitous IEEE networking standard and leveraging familiar infrastructure management tools.

NetEffect uniquely delivers high throughput and low latency with the lowest energy usage of any 10Gb Ethernet adapter available. The NE020BCH draws less than 8 watts for a dual-port adapter, significantly less than competing solutions. By dramatically reducing power consumption, NetEffect also reduces cooling requirements, providing an ideal solution for power and cooling-constrained high-density blade computing environments. Reduced power and cooling requirements allow IT managers to more fully populate a blade chassis, provide a higher return on their hardware investment, and achieve greater processing power per square foot in the data center.

The NE020 is also the first Ethernet adapter to support more than 10Gbps throughput with standard sockets-based applications while driving latency down to levels previously achieved only by costly proprietary solutions. And unlike the competition, the NetEffect NE020 Family of adapters maintains its low latency and high performance under real-world data center loads. This is achieved through the NE020’s virtual pipeline architecture that incorporates the industry’s first full implementation of the iWARP extensions to Ethernet, including TCP Offload, iWARP (RDMA over Ethernet) and User-level Direct Access.

NetEffect is a member of, an organization chartered to promote the development and innovation of blade technology to help customers meet the growing demands on their IT infrastructures. By creating an open, collaborative environment, is putting the collective ingenuity of its members to work on challenges and opportunities alike within the IBM BladeCenter ecosystem.

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