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Need a Job? Send a Virus

Techies at a British anti-virus firm have discovered something strange buried within the lines of code of two new computer worms, "MyDoom-U" and "MyDoom-V."

A request for employment.

"We searching 4 work in AV (anti-virus) industry," read the message. Because it was inserted in the code, only anti-virus professionals would be able to find it.

I can see a whole new way of applying for jobs stemming from this. People can rob banks in the hopes of getting a job as a security guard. Or how about major league baseball hopefuls can run onto the field, grab the bat out of the players hand and hit a zinger. Better yet, unemployede web producers can hack into a site and redesign it in the hopes that the folks at the company will be more impressed with the new look than angry.

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