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NEC Adds Servers

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- NEC Corporation of America, a premier provider of IT, network and identity management solutions, today rolled out a new green server, added a new 4-socket blade server, and announced plans to further extend the industrys broadest line of Intel® processor-based servers.

A leading brand in Japan and Europe, NEC has been an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of servers in North America for 15 years. Approximately, one of every three data centers is estimated to have an NEC server under another brand name. NEC provides a complete server product line, for the small to large enterprise, with highly reliable, high performance, scalable offerings ideal for general business applications, data center solutions, and transaction processing. NEC offers the broadest line of high quality, highly functional Intel-based servers at aggressive price points.

NEC is the global leader in designing and delivering Intel Xeon processor-based fault tolerant (FT) servers -- a flagship server in NEC’s broad server product line. NEC’s fault-tolerant servers deliver exceptional up-time through dual modular hardware redundancy. All hardware components, including CPU and memory, are replicated to run in lockstep. If any hardware component fails in one module, processing continues uninterrupted in the other module without downtime and loss of data. Such high availability is proving to be extremely valuable in data centers running virtualization hypervisors, where otherwise all the applications running on the single server virtual machines would be at risk during a hardware fault.

“Our primary business has always been to provide high quality, competitively priced stampings and engineered assemblies to our customers. Prior to deploying NEC's fault tolerant servers, Progressive Stamping was faced with the challenge of keeping all of our data highly available, including customer information,” said Mike McDermott, electrical engineer, Progressive Stamping, Inc. "With NEC's FT servers, we have been able to achieve continuous availability of all of our internal and customer data allowing our business to run smoothly 24 by 7."

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