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NDCF Poll: Women's Volleyball Wins

The average data center manager would be happier watching women's beach volleyball than football on TV this Thanksgiving [ed. note: surely not?]. This is just one of the results from NDCF's October poll (see Address the Ball).

Despite the popularity of watching scantily clad athletes hurling themselves across a beach, only just over a third of respondents described themselves as true "sports nuts." Clearly, its still a geek’s world out there -- data center managers were just as likely to curl up with a mainframe manual after a hard day’s work as switch on ESPN.

Somewhat surprisingly, golf was not amongst data center managers’ favorite sports, with football, baseball, and soccer tied for second place behind beach volleyball.

Michael Jordan topped the "greatest athlete of all time" poll, closely followed by Pele, although there was plenty of apathy towards our list of sporting legends – some 35 percent of respondents said that they couldn’t care less who won.

But, if Bill Gates and Larry Ellison had a boxing match? Well, that’s different. Over a third of data center managers fancied Ellison to win by a technical knockout, whereas no one was willing to put their money on a Gates points victory. The overwhelming majority of data center managers (65 percent) predicted a tie between the two technology heavyweights, with lawyers doing most of the sparring.

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