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NAC Video Reviews Are Here

Adding to our ever-expanding coverage on network access control products, I am starting to post video reviews of the products we have in the lab that should complement our print and online reviews.
The hope is that we can provide some more context around how we review products and what goes into the decision making process and ultimately, by recording screen sessions, you can see and decide for yourself what is important. The videos will be posted on TechwebTV and then click on "Product Reviews."

Broken up into five segments, I give a short review, then dive into the management UI, developing policies, defining host assessment, and then reporting. The videos run 5 to 8 minutes each. You will need Internet Explorer. I have been having trouble with Firefox 2.

I used Windows Media Encoder 9 for the screen movies and cut the segments together in Movie Maker. For whatever reason, when we tried importing into Adobe Premier, the output was degraded beyond repair. I have tried a few other capture programs with limited success. If anyone has any recommendations for capturing screen movies, that would be great.