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NAC Immersion Center Updates

As part of our on-going coverage on network access control, InformationWeek's NAC Immersion Center was recently updated with new content from recent Las Vegas Interop keynotes and presentations.

  • McAfee CEO Dave DeWalt's keynote address from Interop where he discussed a litany of the latest threats, trends in hosted security, and virtual security.
  • View the NAC Architecture session with Joel Snyder, senior partner at Opus One. Joel has been building VPNs since 1997 and has put together secure networks for companies around the globe.
  • Hear from C.K. Prahalad, professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, on The New Age of Innovation. He discusses how IT must be transformed.
  • Three Pints with Alan Shimel, chief strategy officer with StillSecure, and Dominic Wilde, VP of marketing at Nevis Networks. Shimel, Wilde, and myself talk about NAC for as long as it takes for us to drink a pint of beer. The discussion is wide-ranging, from their thoughts on Lockdown's demise and what it means for startups in general to the relative value of in-line versus out-of-band NAC; the benefits, if any, of host assessment; and what they are seeing in the adoption of 802.1X in the enterprise. It's a pretty free-ranging and candid conversation.

The update augments the existing presentations:

  • Mike Fratto, Managing Editor, Labs, for InformationWeek, provides a keynote on trends in the NAC space, as well as an introduction to creating a NAC RFI.
  • Robert Richardson, director of the Computer Security Institute.
  • Steve Hanna, Distinguished Engineer with Juniper and co-chair for the TCG/TNC and IETF NEA working groups, discusses what's happening to NAC standards.
  • Robert Maley, CSO for the state of Pennsylvania, describes why NAC wasn't a fit for his organization's needs and goes on to discuss how they assess their critical services.
  • Jennifer Jabbusch, Network Security Engineer for Carolina Advanced Digital, shares her thoughts on preparing the organization for network access control based on her experiences with NAC deployments.

Along with links to InformationWeek's NAC coverage and presentations from vendors sponsors, the Immersion Center is a good launching pad to learn about NAC.